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About Us

About Genx

Genxbathware is an e-commerce site that will be capable of providing every kind of faucets, bath tubs, vanities, mirrors, kitchen sinks from every sector to every consumer all over the world. The world’s marketplace will be only finger-tips away for any customer in possession of a smartphone/computer and an internet connection. They will be able to purchase everything; from a safety-pin to an apartment building from our website. We have gathered the brightest minds and given them the platform to perform to their fullest extent. All the data-mining and optimization has been done in-house and no outsourcing from any organization has taken place. It is a platform where people can purchase all kinds of bath wares, kitchen sinks, vanities from a single website. It is built by a team of developers who have the sharpest minds in this sector and they are dedicated. 

We hire no outsourcing outlets and that ensures the security of all our users. There is absolutely no chance of any information being leaked thanks to our dedicated team who are working all the time to ensure that our website is the most secure e-commerce platform. What separates us from other platforms of such sorts is the diversity of our product range and the security that we provide to our users. It is absolutely cutting-edge and state-of-the-art and we can guarantee that no other platform has this much diversity in its product range. Our website is going to be so convenient and user-friendly for our customers that, they would rather order from our website than go to the shop which is 100 meters away from his/her home. That is the kind of target visit has set for itself. And once we achieve our targets, we will start expanding towards other countries and present ourselves on a much broader and global scale and encompass the entire world with our website in a short amount of time.

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